Super Cool Summer Workshops, 7/26-7/27!

Black and White Pigment Printing
May 17th, 2008 — 10:00am to 2:30pm

You’ve got some beautiful images – but how do you properly prepare them for output as beautiful black and white pigment prints? Using Photoshop CS3 tips and tricks as well as understanding the relationship to the Epson k3 series printers will help you unlock the gorgeous print you have waiting to output! Print large 16×20 images on the epson 4800 for free!

Workshop topics include: best practices for black and white image conversion, tone control with levels and curves, dodging and burning, layer masking, sharpening, and using the advance black and white print driver controls for Epson printers including the 2400, 3800 and 4800 series. Paper and ink will be provided and examples of various paper substrates will also be available. Participants should bring image files RAW, JPG or .PSD.
Registration: Fotovision
Location: Bytes 2 Print 999 Anthony St., Berkeley.

Saturday | 1:00p – 7:00pm | July 26
Sunday | 11:00a – 5:00pm | July 27

A 2-day intensive course in advanced shooting and processing techniques. HDRI “high dynamic range imaging” is a technique using camera exposure and software to create images with a greater dynamic range (the range of values between light and dark areas) through the process of tone mapping. Digital panoramic photography is a technique using overlapping camera exposures to “seam” together multiple images into one image with a perceived wide field of view. On day one, learn how to make proper exposures and explore your creativity on location. On day two, learn how to correct and process the images using Photoshop CS3 and third party HDR software. Experience: Basic Photoshop & Digital Photography. BRING: Digital SLR or digital camera with manual exposure adjustments and wide angle lens capabilities, and a tripod

RayKo Photo Center | 428 Third Street | San Francisco, CA 94107

Saturday & Sunday | 11am – 5pm | Aug 16 & 17
This 2-day intensive workshop introduces the fundamentals of Lightroom, and gives tips & tricks on how to professionally develop your digital images. Focus is on setup, workflow, organization, image management, rating, editing, non-destructive image processing, and delivery of images regardless of what type of output. The course includes some open lab time to work on your own images. Lightroom puts the focus on images being processed and managing large volumes of images. Flash galleries, websites, and self-published books can be made from this single program, which works seamlessly with all Adobe and Macromedia programs. (Students Bring : 25 Unprocessed Images – RAW, PSD, TIF or Jpeg)

RayKo Photo Center | 428 Third Street | San Francisco, CA 94107

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