The Rescued Film Project

I feel a kinship with this fellow of “The Rescue Film Project” – I too rescue old film, negatives and images and enjoy scanning them. Using digital imaging to improve the density and detail not only allows others to experience the images but allows us to examine history in great magnification. Cool project! -Erika Advertisements

Book Review: “Strange and Singular”

“Strange and Singular” Author: Michael Abrams Reviewed by Erika Gentry Photography books consisting of found snapshot collections (also referred to as “vernacular photography”) are popular to publish these past few years. Perhaps one reason for an increased interest in antique snapshot collecting (and subsequent books of them) is due to the fact that the pixel-… Read More Book Review: “Strange and Singular”

Losing and Finding Our Past– The Hunt for the Vernacular

By Erika Gentry Published in Exposure Magazine Spring 2008. Edited by Carla Williams The abundant use of digital cameras is said to have contributed to the closure of the Polaroid Corporation. Yet even today, at the peak of the digital photography revolution, nostalgia for the paper photograph exists. Once a quiet, gleaning pastime among a… Read More Losing and Finding Our Past– The Hunt for the Vernacular