Student Spotlight: Aaron Sorber “Making vs. Taking”

Aaron Sorber, a student in my Spring 2012 PH67 “Digital Negatives for Darkroom Printing” class at CCSF, is the current “Student Spotlight”. The worked featured here spans assignments from the semester ranging from learning to use the flat bed scanner as a camera, practicing contact printing by experimenting with lumen prints and making photograms in… Read More Student Spotlight: Aaron Sorber “Making vs. Taking”

Scanning Money

A student of mine in my Intermediate Photoshop class at CCSF was interested in scanning money for our “scanner as camera” assignment. That part went well, but when she attempted to import it into Photoshop for editing an error message occurred. Apparently and unbeknownst to me, since 2004 Photoshop detects currency notes that are protected… Read More Scanning Money