Artist Spotlight: Matthew Swarts

The Alternatives. al·ter·na·tive ôlˈtərnədiv/ adjective adjective: alternative 1. (of one or more things) available as another possibility. “the various alternative methods for resolving disputes” “an alternative route” (of two things) mutually exclusive. “the facts fit two alternative scenarios” relating to behavior that is considered unconventional and is often seen as a challenge to traditional norms. “an alternative lifestyle” noun: alternative; plural noun: alternatives 1. one of two or more available possibilities. “audiocassettes are an interesting alternative to reading”… Read More Artist Spotlight: Matthew Swarts

A Treasure Trove – Photographer Interviews & Lectures

I so enjoy, along with my colleagues at City College of San Francisco (CCSF) ,  developing our PHOT52 Photographers and Their Images lecture series. This series, held live every Spring in San Francisco, CA is recorded, edited and closed captioned thanks to CCSF and is part of our expanding vimeo archive. The series is free… Read More A Treasure Trove – Photographer Interviews & Lectures

Artist Spotlight: New Collages by Lola Dupré

Reminiscent of the early photographic collages of David Hockney – this contemporary artist Lola Dupré also works by hand. Thank you artist Diane Fenster for showing me her work. Collage artist Lola Dupré (previously) continues to create mind-boggling manipulations of photographs in her surreal style. The Scotland-based artist cuts images into thousands of shards and arranges them… Read More Artist Spotlight: New Collages by Lola Dupré

Artist Spotlight: AIF’s Akram Zaatari “Against Photography. An Annotated History of the Arab Image Foundation”.

On a recent trip to Barcelona, Spain I was introduced to the Artist Akram Zaatari via his show at the MACBA (Museu D’Art Conbemporani de Barcelona). See the exhibition brochure.    The rooms that interested me the most were the 3rd rooms “Body of Film” at (5:47) and the last room “Against Photography and Archives of… Read More Artist Spotlight: AIF’s Akram Zaatari “Against Photography. An Annotated History of the Arab Image Foundation”.

Artist Spotlight: Gideon Mendel “Drowning World”

I recently returned from The Recontres d’Arles – the largest photography festival in Europe. This year was my 11th year in attendance and each Summer I also invite a group of adults to accompany me there and throughout various parts of Provence as part of my program “Photography in France”. This year’s festival was full of… Read More Artist Spotlight: Gideon Mendel “Drowning World”

Artist Spotlight: Latoya Ruby Frazier

Now available in a paperback edition, LaToya Ruby Frazier’s award-winning first book, The Notion of Family, offers an incisive exploration of the legacy of racism and economic decline in America’s small towns, as embodied by her hometown of Braddock, Pennsylvania. The work also considers the impact of that decline on the community and on her family, creating a statement… Read More Artist Spotlight: Latoya Ruby Frazier

Artist Spotlight: Alma Haser

Alma Haser, Patient No 5 from the “Cosmic Surgery” series. Courtesy of De Soto Gallery.

Imagine a world in which plastic surgery would allow you to scramble your facial features, protecting you from surveillance technology. That’s the conceit behind Alma Haser’s “Cosmic Surgery,” a sci-fi-tinged series in which the artist photographs her subjects, then folds their faces into intricate origami designs.… Read More Artist Spotlight: Alma Haser