Carlton Watkins “Peaks and Perils”

Created for SFMOMA for their fabulous new Photographic Interpretive Center,  this animation by Drew Christie tells the life story of pioneering mammoth plate photographer Carlton Watkins.

“Carleton E. Watkins came to California around 1851 from the small New York town of Oneonta, one of a hundred thousand hopeful young men migrating west that year in search of Gold Rush fortune. In the boomtown of San Francisco, he fell into photography by chance when asked by a local daguerreotypist to stand in for a missing employee. A natural adept, he soon established his own business fabricating outdoor photographs for land-dispute cases and mining interests.

After his first photographic expedition to Yosemite in the summer of 1861, Watkins’s name was made, and for the nearly half a century that followed he defied the vicissitudes of fortune and commerce to create what are surely the finest American landscape photographs of the 19th century. In wide-ranging travels across the length and breadth of the frontier West, Watkins energetically balanced a practical need to characterize the land before him with his craftsman’s pride in a picture plumbed and mitred to perfection”. READ MORE & SEE WORKS in the SFMOMA collection.

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