Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Ung “Senase”, Ghana

Spring 2016 Semester at Sea  student Elizabeth Ung spent several days in the community of Senase in Ghana, Africa and visited a school called Semanhyiya., meaning “what if I’d never met you”. The school has a committed group of volunteers through the God Freds Foundation made up of many SAS alumni and supporters. To help and contribute visit

SAS Student Paula Pecorella writes about Semanhyiya’s founder: “Meet Fred Frimpong. Every day as a child, he walked two hours to school, carrying a chair from his home in the remote rural village of Senase, determined to get an education.

“My school didn’t have a classroom or a structure. It was just a black wooden board that was nailed to a tree,” Frimpong said. “My teacher was a junior high school graduate who would come and just write on the board and teach us how to write ABCs, and if it rained, there was no school since it was under a mango tree.”.. READ MORE

See more SAS Photography projects on this blog and on youtube.

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