Artist Residencies – Time Away to Work

March 2014’s crop of Artists in residence at CAMAC in Marnay sur Seine, France with Alan Shockley, Lola Martinez, Birgit Larson, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, Nina Rizzo, Erika Gentry and Liz Khalifa.

Hi Everyone, if you haven’t heard through my many shout outs I am on sabbatical Spring 2014 and currently residing in Marnay sur Seine, France, one hour outside of Paris. I am here at CAMAC with an amazing group of artists (left) from Spain, Germany, France, the US and the Czech Republic. We’re being very productive in week two of our stay. Some of us are here for one month and some are here for two. Thank you all who have shown your generosity through kind words and micro donations toward supplies, equipment and fees.

Time away is indeed a valuable thing – this period of “focused remove” is most appreciated and I am very grateful for it. If you’re interested in finding a great place of your own to pursue your work in a residency – there are many out there near and far. Below is a re-run of an excellent article. See you in the Fall 2014! -Erika

PDN online has a good introduction to Artist in Residence programs. The article’s introduction states “Whether photographers want access to a particular part of the world in order to create a new body of work, or need some time to scan, edit and print an existing body of work, artist-in-residence (AIR) programs offer photographers a unique and valuable period of focused remove. Each has their strengths and benefits for an artist—be it beautiful facilities, a helpful staff, an idyllic setting or post-residence exhibition opportunities. Many offer all of the above. PDN recently spoke with artists who participated in five residencies to find out why they chose them, what they accomplished and what they might do differently the next time they have an opportunity to leave everything but photography behind for a while.”

“Limbo”, 10min video produced at Arte Studio Ginestrelle AIR.

Summer 2012, I spent time at an Arist in Residence Program in Assisi Italy called Arte Studio Ginestrelle and can attest to the productive value of these get-ways! Not to mention the possibility for collaboration with other artists from all over the world. Here are a few resources to research your AIR:

Well known national residencies for emerging artists (competition: high – should have body of work to work on)
McDowell Colony, New Hampshire
Woodstock AIR, NY (for artists of color)
Lightwork AIR, Syracuse, NY

US National Park Residencies (competition: moderate-easier but varies)
Participating National Parks

Local Bay Area (competition: high)
Rayko Photo Center, SF, CA
KALA, Berkeley, CA
Marin Headlands for the Arts, Marin County, CA

International Residency Guides (competition: moderate-high but varies)
Trans Artists
Res Arts Network

One thought on “Artist Residencies – Time Away to Work

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Light Green Eyes and commented:
    I was just speaking with a friend about the benefits of a controlled or sparse environment. How a new space, a compression of time and less of the everyday can help an artist to remove himself from the mundane blocks that come with ones own stale space.


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