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City College of San Francisco
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The City College of San Francisco’s Photography Department is one of the oldest and largest programs in the country started in 1939. We offer a broad selection of classes including but not limited to Digital Photography & Imaging, History and Aesthetics of Photography, Advanced B&W Darkroom Techniques, Studio Lighting, Ambient & Outdoor Lighting, Mixed Media Processes, Documentary Photography and Business Practices of Photography.

Our faculty and staff consist of experienced professionals who create an environment that encourages creativity, technical aptitude and critical thinking. Whether your interest is as a commercial photographer, enthusiast, fine artist or transfer student we provide the guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Associate of Science
The Program is designed so that students may satisfy the requirements of graduation from the College. The program adviser of the Photography Department will help students who desire to plan special programs of study.

Photography Certificates of Completion
The college is in the process of reviewing a number of certificates of accomplishments. Currently enrolled students as well as past students may apply for them.

Transfer to public and private four year Colleges and Universities. Most students successfully transfer at the Junior Level

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