Report from SPEWEST

Hello from Humboldt, CA! Day one is underway at SPE WEST. Today is a professional development day and I just finished part one of an amazing two part session with Ellen Lake, Kala Arts Institute’s Grant Manager.  She’ll be offering this workshop again at Kala in early November! So check out Kala Arts Institute’s website to learn more and check out the above slideshow as a preview. Ellen also says to please share this slideshow with your colleagues, students and classmates!

Grant Writing for Artists by Ellen Lake from ( is a four hour workshop presented at The Society for Photographic Education West Regional Conference at Humboldt State University, October 2013. Lake is an Oakland based media artist and Kala Art Institute’s Grants Manager, she combines lessons learned from her own art practice and experience in the arts administration to bring you the latest in funding trends. Ellen received her MFA from Mills College in 2002. She is the recipient of Bay Area Video Coalition’s 2005/2006 Mediamaker Award, 2009 Sarah Jacobson Award, and 2012 Experimental Media Arts Lab residency award at Stanford University. She can be reached at

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