Fraction Magazines 50

“Superstitions” by David Emmit Adams

Below is the list of the Fraction 50 in honor of the 50th Anniversary edition of the online magazine. Take some time to check out their work.

The 50 photographers that were chosen are (in alphabetical order) :

Group 1 
David Emmit Adams, Sheri Lynn Behr, Lisa Blair, John Brooks, J Wesley Brown, Ksenia Burnasheva, Roman Coia, Rachel Cox, Matthew Crowther, D Bryon Darby, Ellie Davies, Marco del Pra, Odette England, Elizabeth Fleming, Alison Gibson, Harvey Hanig, Ryan Harding, Gabriela Herman, Thomas Homoloya, Jon Horvath, Erica Huffman, Kat Kiernan, Eliza Lamb, Richard Levy, Sean Litchfield

Group 2 
Sara Macel, Janina McQuoid, Dafni Melidou, Irina Munteanu, Nathan Pearce, Emily Porter, Ibán Ramón Rodríguez, Deb Schwedhelm, Rachael Short, Annick Sjobakken, Vicky Slater, Shannon Smith, Sean Stewart, Jim Stone, Cody Swanson, Sonny Thakur, Brandon Thibodeaux, David Torrence, Kyle Tunney, Phil Underdown, Andrew M.K. Warren, Shen Wei, Brian Widdis, Thomas Wiedland, Rachel Wolfe


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