Artist Spotlight: Bertrand Lavier

On a trip to France in 2006, I came across the photographs of Bertrand Lavier at the Centre Georges Pompidou. Oddly enough, today when researching the artist I learned of his retrospect which was on view Sept 2012-January 2013 at the Pompidou.

In the series “Rue ___”, Lavier encounters what he calls “Visual detonations” the purpose of which is to offer a new, powerful and unexpected feeling. Here, Lavier delights in the shop windows he finds in the streets of Paris which have been temporarily whitewashed. This aesthetic, which he calls with humor the “Van Gough touch” is reminiscent of the way he has painted subjects themselves such as fire extinguishers or Ferrari’s. Photographed, digitized and printed on canvas in their original format, these shop windows are transformed to reference painting.

The recent Bertrand Lavier retrospective showcased around fifty of his major pieces. The French artist has been working with industrialized objects since the late 60′s, deviated from their initial purpose to be damaged, juxtaposed, stacked.

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