Love and Photography

Tutu project by bob carey

Paul Melcher’s selection | La Lettre de la Photographie

Love and photography. Quite a long subject. Initially, photography is an extension of love mostly because we capture what we love. It is the perfect tool to extend and reach out beyond the emotion and single out the people, object or places that we love. Who doesn’t have a photograph, somewhere on their desk, office, phone or computer desktop of a love one, be it parents, siblings, friends, spouse or children. Furthermore, it is the emotion most shared when sharing a photograph.

Those that we go and revisit over and over again are those photographs that inspire us love. Love of the place, situation or even object depicted. Finally, how many great photographs have almost perfectly captured the emotion, be it a subtle stolen kiss, an embrace or two holding hands. There is a lot to write about love and photography. But one aspect that is rarely approach is how love can inspire the act of photographing. How, instead of the purpose it becomes the reason, the motivator.


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