Student Spotlight: Light as Subject Fall 2011

DSC_0865.jpgDSC_0844.jpgDSCF0066.jpgcablecarDSC_0042.jpgJdN 112
My SelfIMG_4300.jpgIMG_9701.jpgUrban SconceHui_Yu, Sony DSC W-350, ISO 80, 1/800@f5.7
DSC_000944720032.jpgChina_Beach_At_DuskLombard_And_LeavenworthGates of WhiteHui_Yu, Nikon D200, ISO 100, 1/600@f8

Light as Subject Fall 2011, a gallery on Flickr.

The word “photography” literally means to draw, or mark with light. The point of this assignment is to intimately explore this. In only their second assignment in Beginning Photography, the student’s challenge is to evoke mood and interpret or tell a story via light and  shadow..even in a torrential downpour. Click play on the lower left to see the slideshow and click here to see all student work in this class.

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