CCSF Photography Lecture Series Fall 2011

© Brent Townshend

Mark your calendars! If you’re looking for a one unit class this semester PH52 “Photographers and Their Images” just might be for you. Below is the schedule of speakers and class meeting times. You may repeat the course one time and the public (those not registered) are also invited to attend. Of course, we encourage you to register for the class and support CCSF! -Erika

PH52-501 “Photographers and Their Images”, (1)  CRN 71101
Instructor: Marshall Berman
Location: CCSF, Ocean Campus, 50 Phelan Ave, Conlon Hall Auditorium. #101, San Francisco, CA
Meeting time: Six Mondays, 6:30 – 9:00 P.M.

Aug. 22nd, First meeting  (orientation)
During this important orientation we will review the requirements, attendance, format, credit, discuss the different speakers and accept “adds”.

Sept. 12th, Leigh Raiford
U.C. Berkeley professor of African American Studies, Raiford has illustrated her book,  “Imprisoned in a Luminous Glare”, (the civil rights movement of 1964) with hundreds of documentary images taken by various photojournalists  highlighting the brutalities in the South, and how, through those photographs Dr. King and the mass media  created a world political spotlight influencing the outcome of events.

Sept. 26th, Max Fallon
A stimulating evening with a man who has a double career: a photographer, then art buyer, then photographer again. “A photographer for 40 years, yes, but for 17 of them I’ve been an art buyer for one of San Francisco’s larger ad agencies. Show my own work, of course, but I’ll also talk & show work as an art director/art buyer.  What do agencies look for in a photographer-who gets hired and why ?”

Oct. 17th, Brent Townshend
If one had an imaginary 100 megapixel camera that could capture a 300 degree view with enough dynamic range to marry a blinding sun and the deep shadows of alleyways  what I do would be a “snap”, so I’ve had to resort to fusing many photos from the same view point and apply mathematical projections to get that same result. For me, photography is about seeing the world, and among other things,  I’ve chosen to see the “up part”, so often ignored.

Nov. 7th, Kim Komenich
Yes, yes, all the accolades…and staff photog. for the S.F. Examiner then S.F. Chronicle, teaching at  San Jose State & Stanford, and winner of numerous awards including a Pulitzer prize , World Press award, National Headliner, etc. But the real “truth” is that this “humanitarian artist”  continues to captures the world in a highly sensitive, personal way. And adding to that,  this gentle bear of a man also foils bank robbers in his spare time.

Nov. 14th Life after City College of S.F…. ??
Two former students, Kurty Wong (weddings and portraits) and Thomas Kuoh (photographic illustrator for Crate & Barrel), will share with you how they established themselves as professionals with the tools they learned at City College.

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