Les Rencontres D’Arles Discovery Award 2010 winner Taryn Simon, Luma Prize Trisha Donnelly

Artists Taryn Simon took home the Discovery Award and Trisha Donnelly took home the Luma Prize  at Les Rencontres D’Arles, an annual photography festival in the Provence region in the South of France. Both were candidates for the 2010 Discovery Award and nominated by Hans-Ulrich Obrist & Philippe Parreno.

The Discovery Award “goes to a photographer, or an artist making use of photography, whose work has recently been internationally recognized or deserves to be. The winner is chosen by the festival attendees present in Arles during opening week and receives 25,000 euros”.  The LUMA Foundation is “backing the Discovery Award judged by photography professionals taking part in Opening Fortnight and the new LUMA Prize judged by an internationally recognised contemporary artist and the winner receives 25,000 euros. The LUMA Foundation is also backing the Contemporary and Historical Book Awards, each worth 8000 euros. All the competing work is on show in the Atelier de Mécanique through September at the Recontres d’Arles, Arles France.

My favorite and winner of the Discovery Award 2010 is American Taryn Simon for The Innocents series. The Discovery Award is voted upon by all Rencontres attendees and results are then tallied and announced. Born in 1975 in New York where she lives and works, Simon can be seen in this TED online talk discussing the winning project as well as her next project An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar.

The winner of the Luma Prize (new this year) is Trisha Donnelly. Donnelly was born in 1974 in San Francsiso where she lives and works.”Often taking the form of gatherings of objects in various media, from assembled sculptures to drawings and photographs, Donnelly’s exhibitions tease the viewer with their imitations of meaning; orientation within this space is seldom straightforward, but is pregnant with possibility”. Press release.

The curators of the 2010 edition of the Discovery Award and the LUMA Prize are artists or directors or curators of major cultural institutions. All are members of the core group formed by the LUMA Foundation to decide on the content of the Parc des Ateliers exhibitions.

Artists nominated by Tom Eccles, executive director of the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College, New York State:
Anne Collier
Liz Deschenes
Roe Ethridge

Artists nominated by Liam Gillick, artist and teacher at the School of the Arts, Columbia University, New York City:
Marlo Pascual
Gilad Ratman
Solmaz Shahbazi

Artists nominated by Beatrix Ruf, director and curator of the Zurich Kunsthalle:
Annette Kelm
Elad Lassry
Leigh Ledare

Artists nominated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, co-director of programming at the Serpentine Gallery, London and Philippe Parreno, artist, Paris:
Trisha Donnelly – Luma prize 2010 winner
Shannon Ebner
Hans-Peter Feldmann
Darius Khondji
Kazuo Shinohara
Taryn Simon – Discovery Award winner 2010

One of the nominated artists will receive the €25,000 LUMA Prize, to be judged annually by an internationally recognised contemporary artist. This first edition will be judged by the art duo Fischli & Weiss (Peter Fischli and David Weiss).

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