Student Spotlight: “A Place in Time” by Nick Aitken

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“A Place In Time” is a location I pass by everyday on my way to school. I hop over a log and see the light change on it constantly – and decided to photograph something there that represents the last year of my learning experience at City College.  Inspired by this place, I cast a group of subjects to represent different eras spending time in this shared space where light and time co-mingle.

I started experimenting with costumes based on the Edwardian time period and ending around the 1960’s. I use the space as a place to represent different demographics and imagine it as a place where people went to dream, love, hide, and remember. To me, the subjects for this project  really are in this special place. This series came out of an assignment to work with bracketed exposures and High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR) software. Using this technique allowed me to portray the visual aesthetic I wanted for these subjects. To see more work visit:

-Nick Aitken
P60B Intermediate Photoshop, City College of San Francisco
Learn more about  HDR by taking P60B at CCSF or the HDR/PANO workshop at Rayko  5/22-5/23

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