Three Exercises to Boost Camera Creativity

Reposted from: Resolve / Livebooks
Posted by Miki Johnson

Jennifer Pottheiser /

Last month, liveBooks founder Michael Costuros challenged the liveBooks community to a little creativity exercise. After months of thinking and talking and worrying about money matters, we thought everyone could use a break to remind themselves why they got into photography in the first place. Michael shared his own creativity exercise on the liveBooks Community Facebook page and asked for more suggestions. Here are our favorite three. Join the discussion at the liveBooks Community page and become a fan to keep up to date with the latest from the RESOLVE blog, liveBooks free webinars, and special offers.

“One of my favorites is shooting without looking through the lens – thanks to Joanne Dugan for that one! Its a great way to shoot pets and kids and still actually see whats going on around you. I have gotten some tremendous shots this way, and it really takes the pressure off.”

Mark Wallace /

“About a year ago my friend Craig was telling me how uninspired he was about his photography. He had his new 1D Mark III and was telling me that there wasn’t much to shoot. I challenged him to a friendly duel. I told him there’s always something to shoot and told him to grab his camera. We walked outside to a dreary drainage area and I proposed the challenge: 5 minutes in the pile of rocks, my iPhone vs. his fancy camera, may the best man win. Here is the complete story and results.”

Peggy Morsch /

“Lately, I’ve started going through Freeman Patterson’s book: Photography and the Art of Seeing. There are MANY exercises in there to get your judge off your shoulder and just start playing with the camera like a 9-year-old again. For instance: Walk 50 steps, click, 50 steps, click. Or while I’m walking the dogs, I make multi-exposure images of anything, just to see what it looks like. My judge stays home in the kennel! It’s given me a sense of freedom to know that I don’t HAVE to produce anything.”

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