CCSF Students Learn about “Reduce, Re-use & Recycle”.

CCSF Photography PH86 and PH67 Students went on a photographic tour of the Golden Gate Disposal & Recycling Center on Saturday 4/18/2009. WOW – after a visit to this smelly facility if you aren’t already super serious about recycling – you will be. Tons of garbage sat in a gigantic pile waiting to be moved around by bulldozers and sorted. Seagulls circled the sky waiting for an opportunity to scavenge. Employees who sort through the daily mess turn chaos into order with various sections of the facility dedicated to organics, plastics, paper, hazardous waste and plain old garbage. Large usable items such as toys, bikes and exercise machines are donated back to charity. Strange objects mimicking yard art make their way to “the hill”. Sculptures made from discarded items are featured in the California native plant garden. Visitors with appointments are welcome to the facility where they are greeted by an informational slide-show, tour and Q&A session.

This unique facility, unmatched anywhere in the US but Marin County, also hosts an artist residency program for professional and student artists. Residents work and use materials on-site, 20-40 hours a week, which culminate into a touring gallery show. We visited two studios – a photographer working on macro shots of decomposing fruit and hand made frames from found wood – and another artist using found drywall and house paint. By the way, paint is free at the recycling center – go and pick up a gallon of gray, white or off-white today!

Recycling is more important than ever before to individuals and to cities such as San Francisco. There is a pressing need to preserve our environment, save natural resources, reduce the amount of garbage going to landfills — and make recycling easier.  San Francisco’s 3-Cart Recycling Program makes it far easier and more convenient for residents and businesses to recycle.  Making recycling easier results in a dramatic increase in material recovery and allows San Francisco to surpass California’s 50 percent recycling law, AB939.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has mandated a goal of 75% waste diversion for all of San Francisco by the year 2010. Click here for a list of San Francisco businesses already meeting that goal by diverting 75% or more of their garbage to recycling.

Golden Gate Disposal & Recycling is San Francisco’s authorized collection company serving businesses in the Financial District and contiguous neighborhoods including North Beach, South of Market, South Beach, Fisherman’s Wharf and the Marina District.

Golden Gate also proudly provides recycling services, including our Food Scrap Compost Program, to more than 100 businesses in Oakland and city offices.

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